I apologize sincerely for neglecting the family blog…life gets crazy, things get put aside…this is one of them.  Anyway, here just a few fairly recent pics of the girls.  Now that the weather is warmer, the sun is out more often than not, we will be hopefully finding some new locations to shoot and I will add more as spring and summer approach us!  ENJOY!

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TRICK-OR-TREAT…yes I know it’s early…only by one day though.  I took the girls to a new photo location today to check it out for a future shoot.  We LOVED what we found, they had fun, I got a few cute pictures…and since I have 2 shoots on Halloween morning, I won’t have time before trick-or-treating to share these…so you get to see them now  🙂  Enjoy!  Don’t eat too much candy (’cause we know we will be!) 

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It’s ABOUT TIME!  For such a “short” summer, it gets rediculously hot here, and seems to take EONS to go away!  Well, fall is here (and brought with it the usual wind…blah…) but I’d rather deal with a little wind, and be able to see the beautiful colors, then have to time the kids on how long they’ve been out in the sun!  We headed up to Mt. Charlston for some pictures of the leaves turning.  The girls got to do some exploring, we all got some fresh mountain air, and it took our little princesses 2 hours to get sick of one another stealing leaves (aren’t there plenty to share?!)…it ended with a little shove, some WAILING, and mom saying, “OK IT’S BEEN GREAT!  And now it’s…NAPTIME!”  With as much as they ran, climbed, sang, and danced, I thought for sure they’d both nap (or at least rest…)  Lucy finally fell asleep after an hour of talking and deciding at one point it would be a grand idea to climb out of her crib!  TIME FOR A BIG GIRL BED!  Enjoy the pics.

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At almost 21 months, she uses full run-0n sentences such as “It’s a baby BARK, woof-woof!”  (translation, “it’s a puppy”) and “Wanna see GG, knock! knock!” (translation, “I want to knock on GG’s door!”.  Words like “lemonade” and phrases like “I WANT IT!” or “I LIKE IT!” are crystal clear.  I was always told you cannot compare two siblings in their course of development (physical, linguistic, or cognitive) and this child proved that to me.  My oldest was cautious, perfecting everything in her mind before doing or saying it.  She didn’t speak full sentences until after she turned two.  Lucy has been putting together phrases for about 6 months already, and her language seems to expand everyday!  She loves games (hide and seek still remains to be her favorite, and has been since she was around 8 months old…) and knows how to use vocal tone and facial expressions to her advantage (aka, the puppy dog eyes and sad voice usually get the attention and/or toy she is looking to obtain.)  And the wheels are ALWAYS turning in this little girl’s head.  If she comes in contact with a tall object, she will instantaneoulsy try to figure out how to climb it.  She even refers to herself as “A monkey O O, AH AH!” periodically.

LucySep09 062 copy

LucySep09 063 copy

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Everyone says they grow up SO fast, but I never truly believed it until I realized one special day last week that our oldest, Lydia, would be starting Kindergarten that same week next year!  YIKES!  She is now four, pushing the envelope on every rule we have set, making her own decisions on outfits, and wanting to ride her bike as far and as fast as her little feet will pedal.  Our little princess is no longer a baby anymore.  She is her own person with her own ideas (and those are some STRONG ideas!)

Lyd4yrs 094 copy

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Well, as much as I have neglected this blog because I have been focusing so much of my energy on my photo business blog ( I will be, unfortunately, neglecting it even more for the next 3 weeks, as I will be spending some much needed time with family and friends in the great state of Montana.  I have at least 2 photo shoots to do (possibly 3…in the process of scheduling) and I am so excited, I get goosebumps everytime I think about them!  Someone told me this week, “That’s when you know you’re in the right line of work…it gives you goosepimples, and you think about it every spare minute you have!”  Yep, that’s me!  So, that said, here are just a few pics of the girls I took recently (they are Lucy’s 18 month pics, as she will be turning next week when we are in MT)…and don’t forget to pop on over to my other sight and check it out!  ENJOY!

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Lydia’s dance class performed in the Desert Gymcats spring recital on Wednesday…they did a little dance to the old song “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and, according to their instructor, “The girls did JUST STUPENDOUS!!!”  Needless to say, Lydia has had a favorite phrase the last couple of weeks, and I am now enlightened as to where it came from…”Evidently, Mom, it’s just STUPENDOUS!!!”  Well, OK, Lydia, I wish I could be that enthusiastic about life!  As concerned as she was about her costume being “just too big, Mom, it won’t work!”, she kept it on for the performance, and her mother REALLY needs to learn some altering skills from GG!!!  HAHA  Anyway, check out the pictures, they really did look pretty darned cute!  Some of the pics are from the dress rehearsal…some from the recital…

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