Memorial Day was a safe success!  I always worry that pools and kids may not be the safest combination…but the kids had fun, I’m pretty sure the adults had ALMOST as much fun, if not more…and we had the opportunity to meet a desert tortoise named Taz (BONUS!)  The kids thought that was the best!  And SURPRISE!  Both girls TOUCHED him!  Guess they really do find away to amaze us everyday!  Lydia also surprised herself by figuring out how to cross the monkey bars (while Mom freaked out, of course, and insisted on being within arms’ reach all 10 times she did it!)  All in all, it was a fun day with good food and good friends!  Check it out!

DSC_0583 copy

DSC_0596 copy

DSC_0715 copy

DSC_0605 copy

DSC_0743 copy

DSC_0800 copy

DSC_0809 copy

DSC_0835 copy

DSC_0853 copy

DSC_0897 copy

DSC_0858 copy

DSC_0902 copy

DSC_0955 copy


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