Lydia’s dance class performed in the Desert Gymcats spring recital on Wednesday…they did a little dance to the old song “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and, according to their instructor, “The girls did JUST STUPENDOUS!!!”  Needless to say, Lydia has had a favorite phrase the last couple of weeks, and I am now enlightened as to where it came from…”Evidently, Mom, it’s just STUPENDOUS!!!”  Well, OK, Lydia, I wish I could be that enthusiastic about life!  As concerned as she was about her costume being “just too big, Mom, it won’t work!”, she kept it on for the performance, and her mother REALLY needs to learn some altering skills from GG!!!  HAHA  Anyway, check out the pictures, they really did look pretty darned cute!  Some of the pics are from the dress rehearsal…some from the recital…

DSC_1077 copy3

DSC_0965 copy

DSC_0968 copy2

DSC_0988 copy2


DSC_1078 copy

DSC_1087 copy

DSC_1103 copy

DSC_1101 copy

DSC_1104 copy copy

DSC_1004 copy

DSC_1033 copy

DSC_1046 copy


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