At almost 21 months, she uses full run-0n sentences such as “It’s a baby BARK, woof-woof!”  (translation, “it’s a puppy”) and “Wanna see GG, knock! knock!” (translation, “I want to knock on GG’s door!”.  Words like “lemonade” and phrases like “I WANT IT!” or “I LIKE IT!” are crystal clear.  I was always told you cannot compare two siblings in their course of development (physical, linguistic, or cognitive) and this child proved that to me.  My oldest was cautious, perfecting everything in her mind before doing or saying it.  She didn’t speak full sentences until after she turned two.  Lucy has been putting together phrases for about 6 months already, and her language seems to expand everyday!  She loves games (hide and seek still remains to be her favorite, and has been since she was around 8 months old…) and knows how to use vocal tone and facial expressions to her advantage (aka, the puppy dog eyes and sad voice usually get the attention and/or toy she is looking to obtain.)  And the wheels are ALWAYS turning in this little girl’s head.  If she comes in contact with a tall object, she will instantaneoulsy try to figure out how to climb it.  She even refers to herself as “A monkey O O, AH AH!” periodically.

LucySep09 062 copy

LucySep09 063 copy

LucySep09 080 copy


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