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It’s ABOUT TIME!  For such a “short” summer, it gets rediculously hot here, and seems to take EONS to go away!  Well, fall is here (and brought with it the usual wind…blah…) but I’d rather deal with a little wind, and be able to see the beautiful colors, then have to time the kids on how long they’ve been out in the sun!  We headed up to Mt. Charlston for some pictures of the leaves turning.  The girls got to do some exploring, we all got some fresh mountain air, and it took our little princesses 2 hours to get sick of one another stealing leaves (aren’t there plenty to share?!)…it ended with a little shove, some WAILING, and mom saying, “OK IT’S BEEN GREAT!  And now it’s…NAPTIME!”  With as much as they ran, climbed, sang, and danced, I thought for sure they’d both nap (or at least rest…)  Lucy finally fell asleep after an hour of talking and deciding at one point it would be a grand idea to climb out of her crib!  TIME FOR A BIG GIRL BED!  Enjoy the pics.

DSC_6231 copy

DSC_6251 copy

DSC_6264 copy

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DSC_6272 copy

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One response to “FALL IS HERE!!!

  1. Beautiful as always. I didn’t even know that there were places like that near Vegas!

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