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Everyone says they grow up SO fast, but I never truly believed it until I realized one special day last week that our oldest, Lydia, would be starting Kindergarten that same week next year!  YIKES!  She is now four, pushing the envelope on every rule we have set, making her own decisions on outfits, and wanting to ride her bike as far and as fast as her little feet will pedal.  Our little princess is no longer a baby anymore.  She is her own person with her own ideas (and those are some STRONG ideas!)

Lyd4yrs 094 copy

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Lydia’s dance class performed in the Desert Gymcats spring recital on Wednesday…they did a little dance to the old song “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and, according to their instructor, “The girls did JUST STUPENDOUS!!!”  Needless to say, Lydia has had a favorite phrase the last couple of weeks, and I am now enlightened as to where it came from…”Evidently, Mom, it’s just STUPENDOUS!!!”  Well, OK, Lydia, I wish I could be that enthusiastic about life!  As concerned as she was about her costume being “just too big, Mom, it won’t work!”, she kept it on for the performance, and her mother REALLY needs to learn some altering skills from GG!!!  HAHA  Anyway, check out the pictures, they really did look pretty darned cute!  Some of the pics are from the dress rehearsal…some from the recital…

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I had the amazing opportunity to spend 3 1/2 FABULOUS hours with Lydia, at her school doing art projects, reading books, sharing strawberry shortcake, and playing outside!  The kids sang us a very neat song they prepared just for Mother’s Day, too!  It was a GREAT day!  Check it out!

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Meet Brendan, “Mom, this is one of my boys, Brendan.  Say hi to him!” 

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At the end of the morning, all the kids gave all the Moms the gifts that they had made (colored bath salts, hot cocoa mix, tea, a handmade card, and of course the various art projects).

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Lydia, as most of you know, has been swimming for more than half of her lifetime and loving it!  Now that it’s almost swim season, I find myself drilling her on the safety rules she has learned (but they so easily forget).  There are pools EVERYWHERE you look in Vegas, and that scares me.  If they can learn the rules while having fun, all the better (although, Lydia concerns herself a bit too much with the “raisinee feel” of her fingers by the end of her lesson…HA!)  She does her backfloats alone now, and is becoming very independent in the water (thanks to her instructor who doesn’t listen when she insists on his assistance…he just says, “Ok, GO!” and she is given no time to argue!)







Obsessed?  Yes.  Don’t ask.   Lucy was napping, Lydia was at school…I should have been  packing for our trip to Fort Benton, but this is what I was doing instead.  Procrastination is an art, isn’t it?  A special skill?  I took this picture in February…Lydia was looking at my “fancy” shoes in our closet, “Mom?  Why don’t you ever wear all your fancy shoes?”…didn’t want to break her heart by saying “Well, Lydia, sometimes fancy is just not logical.”   Instead we got them all out and played dress-up…




Lydia recently outgrew her 4 pairs of sunglasses (along with most of her clothing collection…)  So, being that we live in a place where the sun shines about 95% of the time (thankfully), she picked out a new pair last week and had the brilliant idea to “model” them for me!  Of course I jumped at the chance, grabbed the camera (as I need any practice I can get!) and off we went!  Where you ask?  Well, Floyd Lamb, of course…Lydia wanted to go to Red Rock, but it was 3:00 in the afternoon…too late for a trip to Red Rock, unfortunately.  Enjoy the pictures, I think I was trying stifle laughs most of the time I was shooting…she really can act when she wants to (and when it’s her idea, of course!)  She acted like a runway model…hands on the hips, flipping her hair (I kid you not!)… the whole works!  It was quite entertaining!







 “There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a childThere are seven million.”          


It always amazes me how much kids “study” things and the way they work.  Take a music box, for instance.  We have a few of them around the house and every once in awhile Lydia wants to get one out just to listen to it.  But today she got 2 of her favorites out and sat down and studied them for 30 minutes.  For the entire time, she stared at them, turned them around, touched the gears, and just listened quietly.  She said probably 3 words the entire time (I think it’s the quietest she’s been in a month!)  It was amazing to me to watch her take in the wonder of it all.  I’ve always loved music boxes and been amazed by them since I was a child.  It was like looking at myself (too many years ago) in a mirror!