LUCY JOELLE, our second bundle of joy, was born December 22, 2007  6lbs 2oz, 17 inches (yes, she is still short at 21 months–takes after Mommy, unfortunately)




DSC_6227 copy

Lucy is not the “people-pleaser” perfectionistic girly-girl her sister is.  She let’s us know, very definately, what she wants (or does not want) at any given moment and at the highest possible pitch, I’m convinced.  There is no comparing her to her sister in any way (except maybe that they look a little bit similar…)  She is our actress, if you have a cell phone or camera she all but begs to have her picture taken.  She is a very strong little girl, and with good reason…she spent 5 days in the NICU immediately following her birth…1 of those was spent on oxygen assistance, the other 4 on a feeding tube because she refused to take a bottle.  Talk about a fabulous Christmas (*note sarcasm*)  Now healthy (with a healthy set of lungs and a strong knowledge of “freedom of speech”)  she will hopefully follow her sister’s strong lead in her ability to choose her words carefully, and tactfully (most days) express them to others…we are still working on this…haha


DSC_6311 copy 


As far as food goes, whatever big sister is eating, however if given the option, she will choose bananas and juice over anything at anytime of day.  I am convinced she is going to kindergarten with her “fi” (pacifier)…hoping that we can “trade” that for a big girl bed in the next month…

 DISLIKES:  anthing that big sis has expressed dislike over, and any activity that she has been TOLD to do rather than decided to do herself.  She also HATES being in her carseat for trips lasting longer than 10 minutes (too keep it UNDER 10 minutes in this city is a near impossibility…)

 Favorite activities:   Playing with Big Sis, petting Lily, bouncing on Lydia’s trampoline (which she claimes “MY TRAMPOLINE! JUMP JUMP!!!”)…anything goes as long as Mom is in her field of view…and her absolute favorite activity?  Anything involving talking…as in full sentences from the second she wakes up in the morning to the moment she lays down at night…she will talk your ear off.  Her favorite phrase at the moment is “I DOOD IT LIKE SISSY!”  Yup, that’s Lucy.

 DSC_6313 copy




One response to “LUCY

  1. LUCY!! I must admit I don’t know you as well as your fabulous older sister but from the sounds of it you are just as strong and wonderful as the big sis!! From one younger sibling to another…make sure you keep telling others what it is that you want!! I love you much!! Auntie Katee

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