LYDIA GRACE is our first born, “all-girl” girly girl (dresses everyday, anything else is a battle I’m not willing to choose…)  Born on September 15, 2005, 6lbs 9oz, 21 inches. 



DSC_6274 copy

At 4 years old, she is my pathway to sanity during those days that Lucy’s teething has us all crawling up the wall!  She can hold a completely adult conversation with anyone else who can do the same (which, she is finding, is not all that simple, even with some adults!)  Recently diagnosed with migraines, she is pretty uptight and a bit of a perfectionist.  When things don’t follow a set routine, more often than not she finds herself staring a migraine in the face.  For being only 4 (no child should ever have to go through a migraine), I must say she copes with it very well, and knows when it’s time to slow down and rest for a bit. 




DSC_6322 copy 

LIKES:  Strawberry pancakes, “bee” cheerios, PB&J, Mac’n cheese, oatmeal, pizza (“Just plain, though, NOT with yucky stuff like pepperoni”). 

DISLIKES:  As far as food goes lately, anything different from the choices given above… She HATES anything carbonated, “THAT’S DISGUSTING!  It makes me SSSICK!”  She dislikes the word “stupid” and will remind anyone who will listen who has said it in her presence that it is not an OK word because Mommy doesn’t like it!  She also can’t stand any kind of disorder (her room is immaculate–her doing, not mine…I promise) or mispronunciation of words or lack of manners (by kids or adults–she is far too good at correcting people…)  This has been an adventure for her since Lucy came along, as Lucy does not mind disorder…or mispronunciation of words for that matter! 

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES:  Singing (which I must say, as a picky person when it comes to music, she does rather well!), dancing, riding her bike, running, jumping on her trampoline, walking our (very large) dog “BY MYSELF!”, playing with best friend Faith, going to school (THANK GOODNESS!) and anything involving talking as long as someone will listen!  Oh yes, and she likes to boss her little sister around (which works quite well, as Lucy will do ANYTHING approved or condoned by big sis!)

DSC_6272 copy


One response to “LYDIA

  1. Oh Lydia Grace!! We sure do miss you up here in MT! You bring such joy to your Mommy and Daddy and to all the readers of this website!! You keep your stubborness!! You will make a beautiful women and a AWESOME leader someday!! Much love from MT! Auntie Katee!

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