october2008-031As said before, we have been together for 9 years, married for almost 6.  Currently we find ourselves in sunny Las Vegas.  Vince keeps himself busy with work–he is the I/T manager for a company that owns 40+ casinos in NV, and MT.  I am a stay-at-home-mom, and loving it.  I can’t imagine missing out on all those little moments that you can’t go back on.  There are days I wish I had video cameras or tape recorders in every room in the house just so Vince could see just how fabulous his girls are (because more often than not, by the end of the day when he gets home, we are far less than fabulous and leave a lot to be desired, I’m sure!)  Yet, another reason I started blogging…..I can jot down a quick quote/story involving the girls and share it with everyone with just a couple clicks–HOW GREAT IS TECHNOLOGY (once I learned how to use it!)  I have recently taken up photography as more than just a hobby and actually started a business.  It keeps me busy….a lot busier at this point than I had ever imagined it would!  Gotta love word-of-mouth advertising!  That is us, in a nutshell… 



3 responses to “MOM & DAD

  1. Well you two!! You have a wonderful family and it seems to me that you are both really happy down there in L.V.!! We do miss you up here however!! I must say Nin, you have out done yourself this time!! This website is simple, to the point yet creative!! You guys ROCK! miss you all tons and tons!! Katee

  2. I LOVE those pics! They’re wonderful! I especially love the one with the whole family together!! :o)

    Fabulous job on this blog site Nin! You are a rockstar!

    I’m going to call you in a few minutes (imagine that)!

  3. Love your site…you’re doing an awesome job!

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