Memorial Day was a safe success!  I always worry that pools and kids may not be the safest combination…but the kids had fun, I’m pretty sure the adults had ALMOST as much fun, if not more…and we had the opportunity to meet a desert tortoise named Taz (BONUS!)  The kids thought that was the best!  And SURPRISE!  Both girls TOUCHED him!  Guess they really do find away to amaze us everyday!  Lydia also surprised herself by figuring out how to cross the monkey bars (while Mom freaked out, of course, and insisted on being within arms’ reach all 10 times she did it!)  All in all, it was a fun day with good food and good friends!  Check it out!

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Memorial Day, from what the news portrays, is usually a holiday filled with fun, barbeques, water play, boats, etc…inevitably someone gets hurt…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be safe this Memorial Day!  Have a good one!  We will be having fun with good friends at a backyard pool party and BBQ!  Food, fun, and friends…the 3 “f” words everyone loves!  Here are just a couple of recent pics from last week…I will be updating again after the BBQ!  So check back later in the week!

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I had the amazing opportunity to spend 3 1/2 FABULOUS hours with Lydia, at her school doing art projects, reading books, sharing strawberry shortcake, and playing outside!  The kids sang us a very neat song they prepared just for Mother’s Day, too!  It was a GREAT day!  Check it out!

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Meet Brendan, “Mom, this is one of my boys, Brendan.  Say hi to him!” 

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At the end of the morning, all the kids gave all the Moms the gifts that they had made (colored bath salts, hot cocoa mix, tea, a handmade card, and of course the various art projects).

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Lydia, as most of you know, has been swimming for more than half of her lifetime and loving it!  Now that it’s almost swim season, I find myself drilling her on the safety rules she has learned (but they so easily forget).  There are pools EVERYWHERE you look in Vegas, and that scares me.  If they can learn the rules while having fun, all the better (although, Lydia concerns herself a bit too much with the “raisinee feel” of her fingers by the end of her lesson…HA!)  She does her backfloats alone now, and is becoming very independent in the water (thanks to her instructor who doesn’t listen when she insists on his assistance…he just says, “Ok, GO!” and she is given no time to argue!)








Now that Lucy is walking…FINALLY, I’ve noticed Lydia taking more of an interest in playing with her instead of trying to keep her away from her “big girl stuff”.  She told me today, “Mom, Lucy is a big girl now.  She’s not a baby anymore, so I will share nicely with her!”  Gotta love sisters, it brings back memories of life with my own sister…which also brings the realization that there is a high probability that I will not have a moment of silence in my house until one or both of them turns 18 and goes to college…until then, it’s CAFFEINE, an IPod for each of them (“a cute little pink IPAD”, as Lydia calls hers), and a lot of time spent looking at pictures of what they USED to be like…and maybe some cute little pink EARPLUGS for mom…let’s get this adventure started!





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I will be the first to admit, I have been neglecting the family blog.  For this I apologize to my faithful bloggers.  I have had a hard time finding my thoughts this past week…where has my head been?  I will tell you…
Some of you know, some of you don’t…my Grandfather (Bill Welty) passed away on Saturday evening (April 4th). He was diagnosed 9 years ago with Congestive Heart Failure and until this year had been doing quite well with it. I think he just got tired…it was his time and he was more than ready to go…it’s been really hard for me to grasp this concept, as he was like a father to me my entire life. I grew up with him, lived in the same house, he attended every music and dance recital that I can remember performing in, nevermind the swim meets (in town and out of town) and games/tournaments I cheered for. I am forever in debt to him for the wise thoughts he shared with me and the time he spent with me as a child…
Two days after I was informed of his passing, I was finally able to tell Lydia that we would be going back to Montana. Her reaction? One I only wish I could have had as an adult, “OH GOODY!”  I explained to her exactly WHY we would be traveling there once more (and so soon…as we were just there about a month ago for a visit).  She had so many questions…questions that I tried to answer to the best of my ability in words a three year old would understand but not be to terribly upset by. “Why is he going to Heaven, Mom? Will he go on an airplane?” Then it finally clicked…her look saddened and she said plainly, “Oh…that’s not good.” (that got my heart) She was fairly quiet most of the morning and during our daily walk with our dog, Lily, she asked me out of nowhere, “Mom? Will Great Grandpa get to sleep in heaven? ‘Cause he’s pretty tired.” …
I think this is finally when the surreal nature of this situation turned so real to me. Up until this point, I have been running on “auto-pilot”, I’ve had a headache, been sick to my stomach, and extremely irritable to people who do not deserve it (Namely, my poor husband…for this, I am sorry).   I have been completely unable to focus on anything, even deciding what to wear in the morning has seemed like more of a challenge or an extra chore than normal step in my everyday life.  So, to answer Lydia’s big question…
In my mind, yes Lydia, Great Grandpa will get to sleep in Heaven. I would like to think he also is golfing, riding his bike, smoking his pipe (as much as I disliked this, it made him happy…), mowing the lawn, baking cakes and sweet breads, playing his keyboard, singing, and watching whatever “game” may be on Heaven’s television. He is doing all the things he loved during life that he could no longer find joy doing in his last few days. He was in pain until the day he went, and I am told that the day he went was the day he was the most content he’d been in a long time. That puts my heart and my mind at ease. It helps me, just knowing that he’s watching us but I also know it will be a great adjustment for all of us. We love you, Grandpa, more than you could have known! You will be missed!



We had a great time putting on an Easter egg hunt for Lydia, Lucy, and Faith this week.  Here are just a few pictures to share with you the extreme joy little people seem to pull out of the simplest things (like plastic eggs and the jelly beans inside them…)  I only wish I could see this much joy in the world as an adult.  Hold on to that, girls, it will help you later in a world that does not smile much.  I think we can learn a lot from children…for starters, even if the sprinklers go off and get your Easter dress all wet, just unwrap a piece of chocolate or dive into some jelly beans!!! SUGAR FIXES EVERYTHING!!!  Oh wait…THAT I did know already  😮